Currently project manager within Faiveley Transport in Sydney.
I am originally engineer in the mechanical field and passionate about railway and technology.
I also have an additional master's degree in HR Management to perform my management skills.

Through my various experiences, I have strong knowledge of 13 years in the industry and 9 years in the railway field.

Feel free to discover on this website the major information that defines my skills and my professional experiences.


Professional Status

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HR Management Master's Degree

October 2010 to September 2011
Short description

The HR Management Master's Degree is an advanced degree for the candidate to integrate or to explore management functions and expertise in the various fields of Human Resources.

Details and Extracurriculars
  • Training takes place in the form of seminars at ISEG in Lille. These seminars are organized into two distinct parts: essential seminars and business domain seminars.

    -> Essentials Seminars :
    - Coaching and Teambuilding,
    - International Management,
    - Sociology of Organizations,
    - To develop his faculties and enhance its image,
    - Law and Ethics of the Internet

    -> HR Management business domain seminars:
    - Management of Remuneration
    - Career Management,
    - Time Management / Stress Management,
    - Recruitment Techniques,
    - Employment Law,
    - Labour Law,
    - Conduct of Social Relations,
    - Conflict Management,
    - Human Resources Information System (HRIS),
    - Management Skills,
    - Transactional Analysis / Internal Communications

IJTI Process ®-Level 1 (identify his/er type Psychological and develop his/er talents)

International accreditation IJTI-Process ® Level 1 - OTT Partners Ltd. London
February 2011
Short description

The title of Certified Practitioner IJTI ®-Process is granted to people who successfully pass the certification examination that International concludes a full training course (Level 1 and Level 2).

Details and Extracurriculars
  • Learning for qualifications IJTI-Process ® is for people who want to use the questionnaire IJTI-Process ® as part of their professional activity:
    • Professional and/or School Counsellors
    • HR Consultants
    • HR Manager
    • Consultants skills assessments
    • Training Consultants
    • Trainers
    • Training manager
    • Psychologists
    • Coaches

Engineering master's degree by Apprenticeship

E.I.A CESI (Generalist Engineer by Apprenticeship)
October 2007 to September 2010
Short description

Training of engineers To adapt evolving work situations and intending to production functions, studies, project management in industry or services in a national or international context.

Details and Extracurriculars
  • Scientific and technical training (1349 hours):
    - Mathematics (vector analysis, differential equations, vector operations, statistics, probability, experimental design, operations research, signal processing)
    - Physics and Chemistry (epistemology, quantum physics, chemistry, thermodynamics)
    - Mechanical Engineering (Materials, Mechanical)
    - Systems Engineering Command (electric, automatic, sensor and instrumentation)
    - Engineering information systems (algorithms, databases, Excel programming, integration of a software solution, network, Internet security, computer standby)
    - Scientific Bibliography
    - Introduction to Research.
  • General Education (451 hours):
    - International (languages, intercultural)
    - Human resources management (labor law, sociological analysis of organizations, team building, change management, sustainable development)
    - Business Management (general economy, management, financial management)
    - Communication (Writing, speaking, negotiating purchase, maintenance techniques)
    - Monitoring (Initiation of the formation, operation of the alternate monitoring and regulation)

BTEC Higher National Diploma (Conception of Industrial Products) by apprenticeship

Cité des Formations Professionnelles (CIFOP)
September 2005 to September 2007
Short description

The technician of design office is able to design products, machinery or equipment goods, to design industrial products , to study the specifications of the customer, finding solutions and designs the mechanical parts and assemblies using CAD .

Details and Extracurriculars
  • He is able to perform calculations, and produce plans in respect of quality standards. It can also monitor the work of making and development, participate in trials.
  • Vocational education:
    • Product Design (CAD, mechanical analysis Functional ...)
    • Industrialization of products
    • Industrial Automation
  • General education:
    • French
    • Mathematics
    • Physical Science
    • English
  • See website :

BTEC National Diploma Advanced [NVQ Level 3] (Study and Definition of Industrial Products)

Lycée Bernard Palissy à SAINTES (17)
September 2001 to September 2004
Short description

The Technician "Study and Definition of Industrial Products" mainly works within a design office.
He participates in the design and definition of mechanical systems, tools or industrial plants.

Details and Extracurriculars
  • Education:
    - French
    - History / Geography
    - Foreign language
    - Math / Physical Sciences
    - Health-Prevention-Aid
    - Arts Education
    - Physical Education
    - Technological and professional
    - Economics and Management, Civic, legal and social
  • He also participates at the elaboration manufacturing specifications.
    He produces useful plans to manufacture products in his sector.
    His business is done on computer workstation.
    He uses the CAD software, CAD (Drawing and Computer Aided Design) in 3D.
Short description

The BTEC First Diploma M.E.I.C.S. is part of the professional qualifications of the field "Electronic"

The holder of this diploma is involved in the regulation of various materials an automated industrial process

Details and Extracurriculars
  • The qualification given by this B.E.P. allows to perform the following activities:
    - Installation of control equipment: installation and connection, checking the work done,
    - Commissioning: test participation,
    - Focus: calibration and adjustments necessary for stable operation of a process,
    - Preventive maintenance: replacement of a unit or individual components to increase system reliability,
    - Troubleshooting: diagnosis, intervention, return to service of process.

    These activities can be performed in various contexts: chemical, metallurgical, agro-food sectors of production and transformation of energy (oil, gas, heating networks, EDF ...).